Wedding Minister Rev. Greg Lugn

Custom or Traditional, Casual to Formal Weddings

Custom, contemporary or traditional wedding ceremonies tailored to you


Christian Ceremonies, Tradional or Contemporary

Traditional & Customized Christian Services

Traditional services include those of the Disciples, UCC, United Methodist, United Presbyterian, Churches of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, & American Baptist.  Elements of any of those services & more can be used to create a custom Christian ceremony.

Non-religious Ceremonies

Non-Christian Weddings

I can create any wedding service you'd like, with or without a spiritual aspect.  I work with you to create the wedding you want.

Dual Faith Ceremonies

Dual Faith Weddings

I gladly work with officiants of other faiths. 


Celtic Weddings

I also have the Scottish & Irish kilts,, & Welsh cilts to do Celtic weddings.  Formal, semi-formal, or casual, the choice is yours. 

Traditional services available include the official ceremonies of the Church of Scotland, Ireland, & Wales.  I will gladly customize your service as well.


There are many possible Celtic traditions that can be incorporated into your service.  [The Handfasting ceremony is the most common one I perform.]


Together we will weave your Celtic heritage, or just love of things Celtic, into your ceremony to create the wedding you want.


See & my facebook page:  Kilted Clergy Celtic Weddings & More.

Baby Dedications

Baby Dedications/Christenings

I am available to do baby dedication & naming ceremonies as well.  As with a wedding, they can be conducted in any location of your choosing.




I am available to do baptisms of persons of any age & at any location.  As with weddings, I charge no fee.  I leave the amount of a donation up to you.


I conduct both military & regular funerals.  This service will also be customized to your wishes.  I will conduct the service at any location you wish.

Again, I charge no fee.  I accept a donation amount of your choosing.